Make AsciiDoc part of your literate programming tool set.

eWEB is Copyright 2009 Filippo Erik Negroni and is free software released and distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License, Version 3 or any later version.
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For the impatient

To obtain a copy, you must download the files published in the sourceforge Files area.

You can also visit our project’s page on where you will find additional resources such as our Git repository, a bug and feature tracker, and can ask for help or discuss topics on our forums.

What is it?

With eWEB you can weave and tangle literate programs written as AsciiDoc documents, using embedded WEB code snippets.

The entire program is written in AsciiDoc, and the code parts (known as code snippets) are written within listing blocks.

A literate program written in eWEB format is a perfectly formed AsciiDoc document. Should eWEB disappear as a tool, the original document is still perfectly rendered by AsciiDoc. AsciiDoc documents themselves are also perfectly readable in source form.

At the core of eWEB there are two tools: Etangle and Eweave.

Etangle extracts and reorders the code snippets found in the program document. It produces source code modules which can then be processed by your application development toolchain.

Eweave inserts hyperlinks within the code snippets so that the rendered code snippets can be cross referenced by your readers.